Ken Wentworth


The conditions we live under.

Posted on May 12, 2018 at 10:40 AM

'I think we are coming into a really interesting information landscape, and the ways we absorb information and experience is so radically different than decades in the past. The idea now that there is an organic space, the tactile one that I can walk outside and put my hand on the ground and feel the snow  today, versus I can feel my pocket ringing and I can open it up and there is an image of snow falling. That idea I think presents a different condition, a different perceptual condition that I think we have not previously dealt with in the past.

To me it opens up a kind of landscape that is much more non-linear, where the idea of expereneces becomes less singular and more collective. The idea of the striaght story beomes increasingly broken, and things are fragmented, and I think more and more we are  able to accept that... and to work with the idea of a kind of polyphonic landscape where many different things happen at once on many different mediums.

What happens then is really that each of us are offerimg our own film in realtime, and that film is the hour that we live in, the day that we live in, the life that we live...and thats a subtotal of all the fragments that are around us, whether they are tactile or synthetic. I think this condition is fascinating, and it allows us to question time in different ways, to explore narratives and storytelling in ways that are unique, to  understand the complexities of what is going on around us that is different than the straight story we have always grown up with.'

Lund, Christian. 2016 "Doug Aitken interview: The conditions we live under".

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