Ken Wentworth


Repetitive and cyclic

Posted on March 9, 2018 at 3:10 PM

'These images are likewise highly repetitive and cyclic. The repetition occurs both within individual pages of particular magazine editions, articles or photonarratives and over weeks, months and years as the same celebrity subjects are depicted in a seemingly endless parade of replayed situations. Big stories are strung out over time as crumbs of new detail are added. Yet, the mass media stories constantly refer back to ageless archetypal narratives and recurring or favourite tabloid themes. This creates a constant feeling of déjà-vu—another teenage trainwreck, another shock divorce, another wedding or funeral.'

Dodd, Sue Ellen. 2013. "Gossip Pop: A Performative Investigation Of The Role Of Pop In Contemporary Art Practice". Vuir.Vu.Edu.Au.

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