Ken Wentworth


Are our infantile fantasies of 'Perfection' making our society selfish and self involved?

Posted on April 23, 2016 at 5:35 PM

Are we processing our lives through a filter; cultural, digital and psychological. Presenting an edited and idealised self image and persona. But at what expense? Does this self imposed 'filter' inadvertently make us self involved and selfish, is the selfie the epitome of being self involved and oblivious to a deeper understanding of the world. Are we so seduced by the need to present an idealised self, both in the digital and real world, that we risk becomimg a society of self involved vacuous individuals who's only interest is creating the 'perfect' timeline and the matching manufactured false life.... [Coral bleaching is not the only 'bleaching' we should fear, however interrelated!] Text inspired by artwork: Beach side musings on perfection (Lara Flynn-Boyle & Drew Barrymore), 2008.

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