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Make over culture.

Posted on April 16, 2007 at 3:13 AM

'We live in an image based culture, in which most of the images we see come out of Hollywood, most of them are faces, and most of them are faces that have had cosmetic surgery. All of us are part of that culture, its not something that is going to go away.


Makeover culture refers to all sorts of things that we feel the need to makeover, so those could be; buildings, houses, our careers, our bodies and faces, our gardens, our homes, and I think that is what cosmetic surgery is about, its not about achieving a point of beauty that is static and final and definite, its actually about showing that you are a happening individual in makeover culture... that you are in a continual  process of self improvement.'

 Meredith  Jones - Author "Makeover Culture" 

'A lot of people like to renovate the house, um decorate. I like to renovate me, and decorate me. I don't think it's vain, because I mean, people may say its vain, but they have there hair coloured, they wear high heels, they wear bras, they put make up on, and are still announcing themselves, so i consider this announcing me, I hope.'


Joan Wilkinson - Cosmetic surgery veteran

Source: (16 April, 2007)


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