Ken Wentworth


My mind has been block-BUSTED by your cultural wasteland.

Posted on May 24, 2008 at 9:30 AM

Why do people bother keeping up with the latest bland offerings from our 'block-busted' cultural wasteland?... Blah.... Bah hum bug!!! lol... Its enough to make you paint by numbers! - thats what I do anyway, reworking the meaningless trash into some kind of order - colour by colour, shape by shape... in the end all you can do is laugh at and comment on the black comedy that is being a part of this revolving door of NOTHING (which much like the bubbles of nothing in an Aero Bar - are really something?) ... to reveal life for the joke it really is. For all our progress - our wide screen TV's, our endlessly updating and 'improved' gadgets... in the end it all means nothing - the integrity and depth of the relationships that we have with our friends and loved ones is all the matters... all the rest is superfluous.

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