Ken Wentworth


The guilty pleasures of gossip

Posted on March 8, 2018 at 2:45 PM

'the guilty pleasures of gossip, including schadenfreude, smugness, titillation and feelings of power. However, other, more worthy, pleasures include:

• catharsis—the release of negative feelings such as anger, envy or bitterness;

• solving mysteries—unravelling complex rationale for behaviour; and

• enjoyable learning—achieving a deeper understanding of human beings in

general, and the individual character traits, motivations, actions and relationships of both people we know and public figures. Westacott also catalogues the indirect benefits of gossip as: improving our understanding of social reality, facilitating the operation of social institutions, fostering intimacy between people, counteracting secrecy and enforcing social mores, and ultimately concludes that “there is nothing necessarily wrong with gossip.'

Dodd, Sue Ellen. 2013. "Gossip Pop: A Performative Investigation Of The Role Of Pop In Contemporary Art Practice". Vuir.Vu.Edu.Au.

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